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Strictly by appointment only. This is to maintain confidentiality and comfort of clients. 



As well running her own private clinic (Ageless) Jo who is a nurse prescriber, also works in a private hospital as a lead cosmetic nurse, working alongside plastic surgeons. This provides her with many opportunities to gain a wealth of knowledge. 

Furthermore, Having undergone extensive training in Cosmetic and Aesthetic procedures, she is able to combine all her experience to provide high-quality advice to those patients interested in anti-aging treatments.

Our Philosophy



Jo (Ageless) has treated many people of all ages  and sex since 2009.

You will only be treated Jo herself, who will prescribe and expertly administer your treatment; Jo is not part of a large faceless team, she believes that her personalised service is one of the aspects that sets her apart. 


SKILLS Jo believes that three elements make a good practitioner: Skill, Experience and Training. Experience and medical training alone aren’t enough to make a good aesthetic practitioner. We have all seen poor cosmetic treatment results, where patients look “done”; this is often because the practitioner simply wasn’t skilled enough to create a natural look. The face is an extremely delicate area, to make just the right adjustment, it is necessary to have an innate eye for balance, coupled with a very light touch. A good practitioner specialising in facial aesthetics has to also have a strong natural sense of proportion and beauty.

Jo has forged a good reputation amongst her clientele for her light touch and professionalism.  Her work shines because of the discreet natural looking results she achieves.

CONSULTATION Jo Offers a free, unpressured, relaxed, but always thorough consultation where the process begins and is ongoing throughout your clinical association. 


REFERRALS If we feel we are unable to provide the optimum treatment for a client in house, we have an enhanced referral system in place, enabling us to guide a patient to the expert medical practitioner/s who can provide the treatment(s) best suited to that valued client’s medical aesthetic needs.

Skin Rejuvenation


"I have been having treatments with Jo for the past 4 years. I am always so pleased with the results which are natural and effective. My confidence has soared.'

Jayne A. 

Botox Treatments

Dracular therapy for tear trough 

Dracular therapy for tear trough



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